5 reasons to use Google Adwords for real estate

Your website is (or should be) your real estate agency’s main communication medium. To increase its profitability, Google Ads (formerly Adwords) is particularly effective. Here are the main reasons that make the use of this advertising network almost indispensable for the development of your agency on the web.

Capture an audience of selling owners

Google Adwords is an auction system for buying keywords. It allows you to choose the expressions that offer the greatest potential for return on investment and to associate ads with them. In this case, the semantic field sought by sales prospects is often strategic and difficult to reach by other means.

By typing on Google the keywords in question (for example “real estate valuation + your city”), you will notice that the natural results are not very visible, because they are displayed far behind the online ads, recognizable by the green rectangle “ad” on the left of the url.

Real estate business

Show that you are investing in advertising

Google Adwords for real estate is not limited to buying keywords. They are also banners that bring more than just capturing an audience of buyers. Above all, they help to anchor the long-term memory of Internet users who have visited your site.

When taking mandates, you will have to give arguments to convince the owners to entrust you with their property. At this stage, having a high level of notoriety is particularly useful.

Moreover, showing the sales prospect that you are using online advertising agencies to distribute his property is an additional argument to convince him to entrust you with a mandate.

Keep control over your communication

One of Google Ads’ strengths is the control it offers advertisers at all levels. In this case, you will have your hands on:

  • The target area(s).
  • The products and services highlighted.
  • The budget allocated daily.
  • The message(s) broadcast.
  • The broadcasting periods.
  • The sites where the banners are distributed.

This flexibility allows you to create cost-effective campaigns for all categories of real estate professionals. In addition, performance reports allow you to accurately monitor the results generated by your ads. This improves their return on investment over time.

Indirectly improve your SEO

The purchase of keywords has advantages for natural referencing. By purchasing the relevant keywords for your company, you will quickly be in possession of a lot of semantic data. This data will be particularly useful to optimize your website later on.

In addition, the natural referencing of a site is based on three main pillars: technical optimizations, the content of the site and its notoriety. To gain notoriety and therefore improve your positioning, the creation of banners to distribute to Internet users in your catchment area is very effective. These ads allow you to retarget users who have already visited your site. But also to attract new prospects by targeting specific geographical areas and websites.

The advertising banners distributed by Google Adwords allow real estate agencies that use them to significantly increase their online visibility, both with buyers and potential sellers. In the long term, this will allow you to gain places in natural referencing and improve your reputation. In concrete terms, they include a logo, a photo and a short text.

Diversify your website audience with Google Ads

A good distribution of your audience ensures stable traffic. It is commonly accepted that a single source should not represent more than 40% of total traffic.

Google Ads is a particularly effective way to quickly diversify traffic acquisition by adding two new audience sources to your site:

  • Text ads (Paid search).
  • Advertising banners (Display).

As a bonus, our advice for profitable campaigns

Buying advertising is not something you can improvise. This can even be very costly, especially in cases where some mistakes are made. Here are our main tips to make your campaigns successful:

  • Focus on the most profitable keywords
  • Have quality landing pages
  • Use banners in addition to text ads
  • Plan at least 3 months of consecutive broadcasting
  • Regularly optimize your campaigns

And of course, the ideal is to entrust your campaigns to a company that knows the real estate business well and is certified by Google for advertising management.